Christmas and Supply Chain

For most organizations is Christmas a challenging time in Supply Chain. Manufacturing facilities might be working towards a shut down and retail is planning for supply / balanced stock levels. In some parts of the world can the weather play an important factor as well.

The article ‘Handling the Christmas increase in demand’ written by Leon Quinn give a few tips how you can handle your Supply Chain in this period of the year.


Supply Chain in a crisis situation

The enclosed link shows how the US government is struggling to receive bids for crisis Supply Chain solutions in a situation that Alaska is hit with a natural disaster like an earthquake. Not sure if a bidding structure will help the US government to receive the answers they are looking for. They might be better of to let professionals set up crisis scenarios that help to understand better what can be done beforehand and during the crisis situation. Or maybe initiate a contest that stimulates Supply Chain experts from all over the world to share their ideas.!